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Tyler Clites

As a Lego Master, I’m always seeking new challenges that push the boundaries of what’s possible with these incredible building blocks. Last June 2022, I had the opportunity to take on a unique project for DHL at the 2022 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium in Orlando. The task? Create a scale replica of their Locus Bot using only Lego bricks, and build miniature versions to give out to attendees.

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium, which took place from June 6-8, 2022, is a premier event for supply chain professionals worldwide. It’s a chance to come together, share knowledge, and explore the latest innovations in the industry.

DHL’s Challenge: Recreating the Locus Bot in Lego

DHL, a global leader in logistics, approached me with an exciting challenge for the symposium. They wanted to showcase their recent adoption of Locus Bots in their warehouses and thought a Lego replica would be the perfect way to do it.

The requirements were two-fold:

  1. Create a scale replica of the Locus Bot using only Lego bricks
  2. Build miniature versions of the replica to give out to attendees

I was thrilled to take on this project, knowing it would test my skills and creativity as a Lego Master.

Challenges in Building the Locus Bot Replica

Building a Lego replica of the Locus Bot was no easy feat. The bot’s cylindrical base and curved shapes presented some interesting challenges, as these are not typical shapes you see in Lego builds.

Lego bricks are inherently angular, so creating curved surfaces requires some clever techniques. I knew I would have to rely heavily on specialty pieces like curved slopes and tiles to achieve the smooth, rounded look of the Locus Bot.

The Building Process

The project took several weeks of careful planning and design work. I spent countless hours studying images of the Locus Bot, sketching out ideas, and experimenting with different building techniques.

Design phase of DHL's Locus Bot by Tyler Clites
Design phase of DHL’s Locus Bot by Tyler Clites

Sourcing the right parts was also a critical step. I needed a large quantity of specific pieces in the right colors to bring my vision to life.

Once I had my design finalized and my parts ready, it was time to build. I constructed the Locus Bot replica live at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium over the course of 8 hours. This was a true test of my speed and precision as a builder.

DHL's Locus Bot by Tyler Clites

Techniques Used in the Build

To achieve the smooth, curved shaping of the Locus Bot, I relied heavily on curved slopes and tiles. These specialty pieces allowed me to create the illusion of curves, even though Lego bricks are inherently angular.

I used technic framing for the base to ensure structural integrity. This was crucial, as I needed the replica to be sturdy enough for moving and handling without falling apart.

I also incorporated caster wheels into the base, allowing the model to be pushed around, just like the real Locus Bots. This added an extra level of realism and interactivity to the build.

The Miniature Locus Bots

In addition to the main replica, I also created miniature versions of the Locus Bot to give out to attendees. These miniatures were a scaled-down version of the main build, incorporating the same curved shapes and key features.

Lego Miniature versions of the DHL's Locus Bot
Lego Miniature versions of the DHL’s Locus Bot

Creating the miniatures required even more precision and attention to detail, as I had to work on a much smaller scale. But the result was worth it. Attendees were thrilled to receive these unique Lego keepsakes.

The Reaction and Reflection

The Locus Bot replica was a huge hit at the Gartner Supply Chain Symposium. Attendees were amazed at the level of detail and accuracy I was able to achieve with Lego bricks. Many commented on how the replica perfectly captured the essence of the real Locus Bot.

DHL's Locus Bot Lego Replica by Tyler Clites

For me, this project exemplified what I love most about being a Lego Master. The opportunity to combine creativity, problem-solving, and a beloved toy to bring joy to others. It’s always a thrill to see people’s reactions to my builds and to know that I’ve created something memorable and meaningful.


Building the Locus Bot replica for DHL was an unforgettable experience. It challenged me to push my skills to the limit and think outside the box (or, should I say, the brick?). I’m grateful to DHL for entrusting me with this project and giving me the chance to showcase the possibilities of Lego at such a prestigious event.

Lego Build of DHL's Locus Bot by Tyler Clites
Lego Build of DHL’s Locus Bot by Tyler Clites

As I look to the future, I’m excited to take on more projects that blend the world of Lego with real-world applications. The Locus Bot replica is a perfect example of how Lego can be used not just for play but for education, demonstration, and inspiration. Contact me today, and let’s discuss our next Lego project!

To all the aspiring Lego builders out there, I encourage you to dream big and never stop creating. With Lego, the only limit is your imagination.