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Tyler Clites

Project Portfolio

Discover the world of TC Brick Designs, a testament to the artistry and innovation of Tyler Clites, winner of the premier season of FOX’s LEGO Masters and a pivotal figure in the LEGO community for over a decade.

Tyler’s portfolio is a kaleidoscope of creativity, featuring a wide array of LEGO creations that have graced prestigious venues such as LEGOLAND New York and the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. His journey with LEGO, which began in childhood, has seen him evolve into an artist celebrated for his expressive characters and sophisticated technical builds.

This portfolio showcases Tyler’s most acclaimed works, including his LEGO Ideas design of Disney’s Stitch, which captivated over 10,000 supporters, and his award-winning creations that have earned accolades at national conventions like Brickworld and BrickCon. His artistry is also highlighted in several books, such as “The Art of LEGO Design” and “Beautiful LEGO”.

In his professional journey, Tyler has worked with renowned companies like Google and Adobe, creating custom LEGO kits and large-scale art installations. His ability to translate corporate visions into LEGO masterpieces is unparalleled.

As you explore this portfolio, witness the depth and breadth of Tyler’s talent, a blend of imagination and precision that has rightfully earned him the title of the USA’s first LEGO Master. Each creation is not just a build, but a story – a piece of Tyler’s ever-expanding LEGO universe.

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