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Tyler Clites

Custom LEGO Designs

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Meet the Designer

Tyler Clites Headshot

Tyler Clites

Lego Master Designer, Creator and Artist

Winner of FOX’s premier season of LEGO Masters

Work with Tyler

Lacework Lock Lego


Small scale custom kits, especially in the realm of Lego or similar building blocks, offer a unique and interactive way to boost advertising and promotional efforts. These kits provide a fun and memorable experience, encouraging hands-on engagement with your brand. They are an innovative tool for creating a lasting impression, fostering brand loyalty, and enhancing customer interaction. By integrating play and creativity, these kits can significantly amplify the impact of marketing campaigns.

Lego City Kit Large Scale

Large Scale Sculptures

Large scale artistic masterpieces, when skillfully crafted, bring a stunning “wow” factor that captivates attention wherever they are displayed. These works, ranging from intricate sculptures to expansive murals, become focal points, sparking conversation and admiration. With limitless possibilities in design, material, and theme, they offer a unique opportunity to make a bold statement. Whether in public spaces, galleries, or corporate settings, these masterpieces create unforgettable visual experiences and leave lasting impressions.

Tyler Clites doing visual event with lego

Virtual and
In-Person Events

Incorporate a LEGO Master experience into your next event for a unique and engaging activity. Offer your attendees customizable events that include guided builds, allowing them to explore their creativity under expert guidance. Feature interactive talks with Tyler Clites, a renowned LEGO Master, who can share insights and stories from his journey. Additionally, provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the fascinating life and work of a LEGO Master, showcasing the artistry and dedication behind these creations. This experience will not only entertain but also inspire and educate attendees, adding a special dimension to your event.

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Tyler's work

Beautiful Lego by Mike Doyle
The Art of Lego Design by Jordan Schwartz
Beautiful Lego 2 - Dark by Mike Doyle
The Lego Adventure Book by Megan Rothrock
Beautiful Lego - Wild by Mike Doyle
Steampunk Lego by Guy Himber

Recent Projects

A few of Tyler's recent creations:

Skiing Dog Custom Lego by Tyler Clites
Locus Bot Custom Lego by Tyler Clites
Shih Tzu Lego Kit by Tyler Clites

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Custom Lego Protector Kit by Tyler Clites