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We’re diving into an exciting and creative world where business meets play: large-scale Lego commissions in corporate spaces. This trend is not just about aesthetics but about fostering creativity, innovation, and a sense of community in the workplace.

Let’s explore how these colorful Lego bricks are revolutionizing corporate interior design.

The Rise of Lego in Corporate Interiors

Over the past few years, a cool corporate world trend has popped up. Offices are getting a playful makeover with huge Lego displays. And let me tell you, these are not just for kids. These Lego creations are carefully crafted masterpieces. They show off what a company is all about. It is a unique and creative way for businesses to show their company’s spirit and core values.

Imagine walking into an office and seeing a giant Lego sculpture. It’s awesome to look at and tell a story about the place. These Lego pieces are put together with a lot of thought and care. They become a part of the office’s vibe, making workspaces more fun and lively.

Two Case Studies That Stand Out

Google’s Lego Room

Google, known for its innovative and fun-loving culture, boasts a Lego room in its New York office and in Zurich. Employees can take a break and engage in creative play, fostering a sense of relaxation and open-mindedness. This space symbolizes Google’s commitment to innovation and employee well-being.

Google Lego Room in Zurich
Google Lego Room in Zurich. Source:

LEGO Group Headquarters

The Lego Headquaters in Billund, Denmark

Unsurprisingly, LEGO Group’s Denmark headquarters features impressive Lego installations. The space includes a giant tree constructed entirely from Lego bricks, embodying the company’s growth, creativity, and connection to playful design.

Why Lego?

Locus Bot Custom Lego by Tyler Clites

So, what makes Lego bricks the go-to choice for these companies?

Unleashing Creativity

Lego bricks are like magic for sparking creativity, especially in the office. Their simple design and endless possibilities push people to think in new and exciting ways. Picture this: You’re at work, feeling stuck, and then you start playing with some Legos. Suddenly, you’re coming up with ideas you never thought of before! These little bricks are more than just toys; they’re a fun way for employees to relax, get their creative juices flowing, and develop some brilliant ideas for their projects. It’s amazing how something so simple can open up a world of creativity!

Brand Storytelling

Lego installations are like a secret code for telling a company’s story. They’re not just there to look pretty. Nope, they’re much cooler than that. These Lego builds are custom-made to show off what a company is about – its history, what it stands for, and what it values most. It’s like having a visual storybook right in the office. Employees and visitors get to see and feel the company’s personality through these colorful Lego creations.

Employee Engagement

You know what’s really cool about having big Lego setups in the office? They’re great for bringing people together. Picture this: everyone gathering around an awesome Lego structure, chatting, and sharing ideas. It’s not just about having fun; it’s about creating a space where everyone feels part of a team. This kind of thing can make people really happy at work and helps them work better together. It’s like having a little community right there in the office, all thanks to some colorful Lego bricks!

The Process of Commissioning a Large-Scale Lego Build

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Commissioning a large-scale Lego installation is an intricate process that involves collaboration, creativity, and extensive planning.


When making a Lego masterpiece for a company, everything starts with a cool idea. The big question is: what story or message does the company want to share with this Lego creation? This stage is all about brainstorming, where many different people from the company throw in their thoughts and ideas. It’s a team effort to dream up something amazing.

Design and Planning

Professional Lego builders take all those brainstormed ideas and turn them into real plans. They have to be creative but also think practically. It’s like being an artist and an engineer at the same time. They ensure the design looks great and can stand up without falling over.


Now, we get to the construction part, and it’s where things get really exciting. Depending on how big and tricky the Lego project is, it could take from a few weeks to even months to build. This stage needs a lot of careful work and a steady hand. It’s all about being precise and patient to ensure every single Lego brick fits just right.


Finally, it’s time to move the Lego masterpiece into its new home in the office. This part is super important and needs to be done very carefully. Sometimes, they even have to think about the building’s structure – like where the Lego art can go in the office without any problems. It’s all about ensuring the artwork fits perfectly in its spot and looks amazing.

The Impact on Corporate Culture

Lego Company Culture

Integrating large-scale Lego installations in corporate spaces profoundly impacts company culture.

Fostering a Creative Environment

Having these cool Lego installations around the office is like a nudge to everyone to think outside the box and be brave with their ideas. They create a vibe that’s all about having fun and using your imagination. This playful atmosphere gets into how everyone works, encouraging them to be more creative and think in new, exciting ways.

Enhancing Employee Well-being

Adding a space in the office for creative play, like with Lego, is a cool way to help employees chill out and feel happier at work. It’s not your usual way of looking after employee health. Instead of just the regular stuff, it gives everyone a chance to have fun and relax, which helps cut down stress and make people more content with their jobs.

Reflecting Innovation

Companies like Google and LEGO Group are known for being super innovative, and you can see this in how they design their offices. Their cool Lego installations are not just for show; they actually symbolize how forward-thinking and creative these companies are. These Lego pieces represent their spirit of always coming up with exciting new ideas.


Large Lego builds in offices are a whole lot more than just a passing fad. They show how our workplaces are changing, becoming more open to fun and imagination. These amazing Lego structures mix creativity, innovation, and a playful spirit. They show that work isn’t just about sitting at a desk all day; it’s also about thinking differently and having a good time while you’re at it.

When you walk into a workspace and spot a stunning Lego creation, you know you’re in a place that values creative thinking and teamwork. It’s not just about looking pretty – these Lego artworks are all about bringing a sense of joy and collaboration into the office. They make work feel less like work and more like a place where cool ideas can come to life.

So, contact me if you’re considering adding some Lego magic to your workspace. We’re here to help bring your ideas to life with our unique Lego creations. Let’s make your office a space where creativity and fun are part of the everyday!

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